Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dutch Jaegers - Progress

Here are my Dutch Jaegers to date and I have just started another seven figures.  Having decided to go with the Black Powder rules rather than Charles Grant's old school rules the unit size can be reduced from my originally proposed 36 figures to 24 figures (six companies of four).  In reality the 27th Jaegers had 800 men on the field which makes them bigger than most British battalions by about 1/3rd.  French battalions were even smaller but I am going to put them into regimental units; combing three small units of twelve into one 36 man unit which will keep the proportions about right.

I have all the flankers I need and just need to paint ten more centre company figures and give them a mounted Colonel.  I have just started the next seven figures so just need one more pack to finish them.