Thursday, 13 February 2014

Confederation of the Rhine: 6th Regiment, 2nd battalion Part 2

LtoR: Six companies of six: Waldeck Grenadiers, Waldeck fusiliers (campaign dress), Waldeck fusiliers (full dress), Reuss fusiliers (full dress), Reuss fusiliers (campaign dress) and Reuss fusiliers (campaign dress)

I now have all the figures for the 6th Regiment, 2nd Battalion as they were organised in Spain.  In the end I have foolishly gone for a 36 man unit rather than my originally intended 24 man unit.  This is mainly because my proposed action will feature relatively few units so I want the ability to break the battalion up into separate units.

I really needed six packs of regular troops and one pack of command but as I needed to buy another pack of command to get a suitable officer to lead the Waldeck grenadiers I used some of the sergeants and drummers to fill up the Reuss component, saving me the need to buy another Reuss fusilier pack.  

The Perry chart posits all the Reuss fusiliers wearing plumes in full dress but another source I read said that only the elite company wore plumes so I have the other two companies without plumes, apart from one figure left over from the pack and some command. Doing this saved me buying another pack which would have left me with more than a dozen figures left over.  Anyway, the unit was a bit of a hodgepodge so some slight irregularity in look won't be too bad.

I have made a good start on the Waldeck grenadiers (far left) and am actually enjoying painting them.  I'm just putting down base colours with no shading, so I can do that at night.  I got hardly any painting done last weekend as we had to prepare my parents in law's house for imminent flooding.  They were evacuated by the Royal Engineers on Monday.  the water's not in yet but I may have to go around there again this weekend.

Detail from one of the Peter Bunde plates

I also ordered the Peter Bunde uniform plates recommended on the Perry website.  Although quite expensive, they are really excellent and give lots of detail my other references do not provide.

So my next target is to finish the Waldeck grenadiers and then move left to right across the unit.

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Seb Palmer said...

Hi LH.

First of all... wow! You have so many blogs!!!

I'm intrigued by this one, as I've not (I don't think!?) checked it out before, and I've always had a thing for the 1815 campaign, as it was Waterloo that got me started with all things Napoleonic.

I've harboured a few grand designs re this 200th anniversary year, but they've all come to naught, as yet! You look to be well on the way to something very special. As a kid the L&F Funcken books, borrowed from Cambridge Central Library, were a source of great fascination to me. I especially loved the exotic sounding names of all those Germanic states!

Anyhoo, this is also a quickie just to let you know I finally found the time to go in and customise my blog a little, text and background colour-wise. Hopefully it looks/reads much better now?

Thanks for your prod to get that done. Even if it did take me ages to get around to it!

Regards, Seb.